Union Omaha: We’re All Champions

Here at Union Omaha, we’re all about bringing people, place, and purpose together. Every member of our community has a spot on our team. To give back to the community that supports us, we’re offering exclusive NFTs to our Season Ticket Members! Claim your NFT today. ONE MEANS ALL.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital graphic or asset that can be purchased or traded using cryptocurrency. NFTs are usually unique, one-of-a-kind pieces or members of a limited set. The ownership of NFTs is recorded in blockchains that cannot be edited or deleted.

What is a crypto wallet?

A crypto wallet stores your payment information and passwords. Your passwords, or private keys, prove your ownership of your cryptocurrency and give you the ability to send, receive, and spend crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum. These wallets can either be physical hardware, or software applications like apps or plugins.

What crypto wallets does Union Omaha support?

We recommend using MetaMask for your crypto wallet. MetaMask is available as a browser extension and a mobile app, giving you access to your wallet in a variety of ways.

How do I connect my crypto wallet?

To connect and use your crypto wallet, you will need to know your unique wallet address. This asset address holds your transaction history and private keys. If you are using MetaMask, you will need to download the app or the browser extension in order to connect your wallet.

What if my crypto wallet doesn't connect?

If your wallet doesn’t connect, check to make sure your device is using the latest firmware. Your hardware wallet must be plugged into your device, or your browser extension needs to be open. Unplugging and replugging your wallet in or reopening the extension can help reboot the system. If your crypto wallet continues to have trouble connecting, contact your wallet company.

Which blockchains does Union Omaha support?

Union Omaha uses the Polygon blockchain. Polygon provides a user-friendly cryptocurrency experience that makes Ethereum—whose blockchain supports NFTs—available to all.

Who can claim a Union Omaha NFT?

NFTs will be available to all Union Omaha Season Ticket Members.

What does a Union Omaha NFT give me?

After claiming your NFT, you will have access to a variety of exclusive benefits, like merchandise and store discounts, and VIP access to Union Omaha events.

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